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Office: Scottsdale Headquarters
Toll Free: 844.590.6081
Direct Phone: 602.732.4745
Fax: 602.734.5495
Alex Demack
Executive Assistant

Alex Demack, Executive Assistant, joined Ashton Thomas Private Wealth in 2023. Alex is responsible for supporting executive-level functions and managing complex tasks. She prides herself in maintaining a well-organized, harmonious, and productive work environment enabling Ashton Thomas executives to focus on leadership, decision-making, and strategic direction. Her role is multifaceted and dynamic involving administrative support, as well as participating in strategic discussions, project management, and special initiatives.

Originally hailing from the heart of Illinois, Alex’s journey led her to the vibrant state of Arizona in 2015. In the pursuit of personal and professional growth, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Grand Canyon University. With a diverse background spanning across various industries including financial services, event services, cybersecurity, and information technology, Alex brings a holistic perspective to her role. Her professional journey has encompassed sales, marketing, and project management, affording her a diversified skill set that complements her role as an Executive Assistant.

Alex’s enthusiasm for health and wellness shines through in her interests and hobbies. She is an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation, using these practices to cultivate mindfulness and balance in both her personal and professional life. Her commitment to balance and fostering harmony in the workplace led Alex to pursue a certificate in “Mindfulness and Resilience to Stress at Work” from the University of California Berkeley.