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Office: Tuscon, AZ
Toll Free: 844.590.6081
Direct Phone: 520.884.7550
Fax: 602.734.5495
Brienne L. Dylewski
CFP® | Managing Wealth Advisor

“It’s all about the client,” says Brienne Dylewski, CFP® when asked about how she views herself as a financial professional. “Be a good listener, offer thoughtful and simple solutions, and provide the best client service you can.”

Having left Pennsylvania at the age of 4, Brienne grew up in Tucson in humble surroundings. Being a resourceful and motivated person, she moved out on her own at the age of 17 and quickly became self-sufficient as a young adult. “The way I grew up really influenced my relationship with money,” says Brienne. Originally an architecture major in college, she still has passion for design, style, and use of space. Brienne also had a passion helping people with their financial futures and graduated with a BS in Accounting from the University of Arizona.

Brienne has been an integral part of the Tucson, Arizona, financial advisory landscape since 2002, when she began her career with American Express Financial Services. She quickly realized the opportunities for professional growth in a small firm environment, and became a part of Financial Architects in 2003, joining founder, James “Jim” Walker. “I had a good working relationship with Jim right away and realized early I had a lot to learn from him as a financial professional,” says Brienne of the dynamic that developed between the two future business partners.

Continuing the theme of professional development, Brienne completed Boston University’s Financial Planning Certificate Program in 2006 and received her Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) mark. Shortly thereafter, Brienne became very active in the Financial Planning Association of Southern Arizona, serving for a time as chapter president and for several years as a board member.

In 2013, Brienne Dylewski acquired Financial Architects from Jim Walker. This was the result of a carefully-planned transition leading to Jim’s retirement from the business. In 2018, Brienne partnered with Ashton Thomas and became the firm’s Managing Wealth Advisor in its Tucson office, the former location of Financial Architects.

Brienne has been active in several community and not-for-profit organizations, including OdaikoSonora, where she served on the board of directors, and Junior Achievement, where she has volunteered regularly.

In her recreational time, Brienne enjoys hang gliding, sky diving, surfing, and paragliding. She is also an avid hiker and can be found exploring trails and mountain paths throughout her home state. “I like to be outdoors when I can. I enjoy my work as an advisor, but it’s nice to step away on weekends and unplug.” Perhaps this alone time is one reason Brienne remains the kind of attentive listener her clients appreciate.

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