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Office: Scottsdale Headquarters
Toll Free: 844.590.6081
Direct Phone: 602.732.4745
Fax: 602.734.5495
Erin Galusha
Brand Administrator

Erin Galusha, Brand Administrator with Ashton Thomas Private Wealth in the Scottsdale office, is a versatile and accomplished graphic designer with a keen eye for creative endeavors within the firm. Highlighting her career, Erin’s prowess shines through her instrumental role in organizing the firm’s signature Elevate conference and crafting comprehensive print and digital media for the Ashton Thomas Private Wealth and Amplify team. Known for her adeptness in delivering top-quality projects under stringent timelines, Erin’s adaptability and unwavering “can-do” attitude define her professional, energetic, and fun personality.

Driven by an inherent artistic inclination, Erin finds immense fulfillment in her work, relishing the opportunity to create something new every day. Her passion for artistry seamlessly intertwines with her professional endeavors, reflecting her lifelong dedication to creativity.

Initially, Erin spent four years as a massage therapist before transitioning into freelance graphic design in 2020. Erin’s academic pursuits include earning an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Applied Science degree from Chandler Gilbert Community College, complemented by a Massage Therapy license and certification. Subsequently, she pursued her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at Grand Canyon University in 2018.

Originally from the East Coast, Erin enjoyed the Colorado outdoors before engaging in agricultural pursuits upon relocating to Arizona. As a former Officer in the local FFA chapter, she mastered construction, irrigation, and animal handling, wholeheartedly embracing farm life.

Beyond work, Erin enjoys weightlifting, skiing, wake surfing, and honing her baking skills. She actively cares for her parents, engages in painting, and volunteering. Recently married, Erin’s diverse professional journey aligns with her quirky traits, such as her fondness for sweets and aversion to spicy food.