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Howard Cox
Wealth Advisor

Howard Cox joined Ashton Thomas in 2019. Prior to joining Ashton Thomas, he was affiliated with Redhawk Wealth Advisors.

Howard grew up on a family farm in Illinois which sold produce to local food markets. His father fought in World War II and returned home after suffering a life-changing injury while fighting in France. After the war, his father became involved in local politics and then in the insurance industry. This marked the beginning of Howard’s interest in financial services.

Howard is a graduate of the University of Illinois, where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. While in college, he became licensed in all lines of insurance and began working for his father. “I was taught to ask yourself this question when it comes to your clients,” he says. “If they were family, what would you do for them?”

Howard also spent a considerable amount of time working in the agricultural construction industry. He capitalized on his knowledge of farming and helped start a family business in the space and later worked for a larger company.

However, in 1985, he was offered an opportunity to step back into insurance full time with Foresters Financial Services in Texas. During his time with Forester Financial, the company started an investment division and Howard became securities licensed. He eventually rose to the role of District Manager, where he had responsibility for dozens of financial professionals within the company.

Howard met his wife, Sharon, in 1990 while at working for Foresters Financial. They married in 1999.

He had an opportunity to step back into the agricultural construction world in 1995 with Morton Builders, where he helped establish necessary internal controls for the company. He became a sales leader and spent a decade with the builder.

In 2005, Howard and Sharon decided to go into semi-retirement and relocate to Arizona. Howard again stepped back in the financial services world. Shortly thereafter, he met Sean Core, CPA, of Chandler. Sean and Howard connected to build a sizeable tax and financial services practice in the East Valley area. Today, Howard works from Sean’s new office and the two remain closely connected, with Sharon still doing tax preparation work for Sean’s practice seasonally.

Howard left his prior firm in 2019 to affiliate with Ashton Thomas and advisor Brandon Kahoun, his eventual successor. Together, Howard, Sean and Brandon are working to expand their practice in the East Valley.

“I enjoy my work. I like helping people,” he says of his semi-retirement career as a wealth advisor. “Be a good listener and you’ll learn more about people and how you can help them.”

Howard and Sharon currently reside in Sun Lakes, Arizona. He was married previously and widowed while his children were younger. Today, his son is a district manager for a furniture retailer in Texas and his daughter, who lives in Illinois, runs inpatient facilities for children with disabilities. He has four grandsons, two each by his son and his daughter.

Howard and Sharon enjoy traveling around Arizona in their free time. He is also an avid backyard chef with an impressive lineup of smokers and a few time-tested recipes under his belt. His smoked ribs and brisket are a hit with friends, family and his colleagues at Ashton Thomas.