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Kevin Churchill
CFA®, CFP®, Chief Investment Officer

Kevin joined Ashton Thomas in 2020 as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the firm.  Prior to joining Ashton Thomas, Kevin held a variety of roles in both RIA and large institutional financial firms, including CIO, portfolio manager and analyst.  His career spans more than two and half decades and numerous professional accomplishments.

Kevin’s upbringing facilitated an understanding of and love for the financial markets from an early age.  “I started trading stocks with my dad when I was only 10 years old,” he recalls. “It’s been my passion every day for most of my life.  It’s in my DNA.”

Kevin grew up in the Washington, DC metro area and moved with his brother and parents to the Seattle area when he was a teenager due to a career change by his father.  He received his undergraduate degrees in business and computer science from the University of Puget Sound in 1994.  Shortly thereafter, he worked for a few years as an analyst for Frank Russell Company, today known as Russell/Mellon Analytical Services.  During this time he pursued and received his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, as well a Master of Science degree in finance from Seattle University.  He spent the next decade with Ranier Group in Bellevue, Washington, primarily as Lead Equity Portfolio Manager.

In 2012, Kevin took on a role within a division of MUFG Union Bank as a portfolio manager, relocating to southern California in 2013 while working for the bank.  In 2015, he received and accepted an offer to work for US Bank as a senior portfolio manager in Scottsdale, Arizona.  In 2017, he left US Bank to take the CIO role with Trajan Wealth of Scottsdale, a role he held until 2020.

Kevin’s background has afforded him a broad look at asset management and institutional research from varying perspectives.  “I enjoy helping clients understand they don’t have to take avoidable risk with their investments,” he says.  “They don’t have to earn every nickel the broader stock markets provide if they are achieving their financial goals.”

Kevin and his wife, Mayumi, met in Hawaii through mutual friends.  Today they reside in Scottsdale and enjoy visiting Hawaii regularly, as well as Mayumi’s family in Japan.  Kevin is an avid golfer and an occasional downhill skier.