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William J. Cerynik
Director of Business Development, Senior Wealth Advisor

William joined Ashton Thomas in 2016 and leads business development efforts for the firm. William’s experience ranges from corporate finance to technology to a decade and a half as a financial planner.

His career has been as much about incidental timing as it has been about intentional direction. “According to Tom Kennedy, who ran the management training program at Chemical Bank (now part of JPMorgan Chase), I was the youngest person to go through their graduate-level program. Most of the participants had at least five years of real-world experience and I got in right out of college. It was a bit of a fluke.”

Following successful completion of the New-York-based program, William’s early career experience ranged from analyzing financial statements of high-net-worth business owners, to participating in corporate merger transactions, to interest rate forecasting for a Fortune 500 company, to overseeing software projects for several entities. This experience led to a brief career in technology consulting, where clients included GE Consumer Finance (now Synchrony Financial) and GM Investment Management Company, the automaker’s pension plan.

With a vision to help individuals using the knowledge he acquired, William turned to financial planning as a career in 2005. “I found more gratification helping regular people solve real-world financial problems. The rewards were noticeable and personal.”

William joined Waddell & Reed Financial, ascending quickly from advisor to District Manager with direct responsibility for training and mentoring new advisors. After becoming a key part of the regional business development team in eastern Pennsylvania, he started a satellite office for the firm, the first ever at Waddell & Reed to be co-branded with a property and casualty insurance agency. When an opportunity arose to reevaluate his business model, William decided to move the office away from the “captive” career system and affiliate with Cambridge Investment Research, an independent broker-dealer.

An opportunity to restructure a regional office for a mid-sized RIA led William to Arizona in 2015. “For some time, I was looking to relocate geographically. When the opportunity arose somewhat unexpectedly, I went for it.”  Today, William calls Scottsdale home, both personally and professionally.

“Everything I’ve had the privilege of experiencing in my career enables me to do what I do for Ashton Thomas,” he says. “Today’s elite advisors seek more from a firm than pricing, payouts, or perks. They’re looking for a culture that inspires growth, an ecosystem that promotes efficiency, and white-glove client service that rivals the world’s top hospitality brands. They also want actionable ideas to help them stay at the top of their profession.”

William has been on the board of the Financial Planning Association of Greater Phoenix since 2016 and has been involved with other professional groups throughout the Valley. He is currently a member of the national Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) Advisory Council Executive Committee and a member of the 2021 FPA® Board of Directors Nominating Committee. He is also a contributor to various financial industry publications, as well as the firm’s media and marketing collateral.

In his leisure time, William enjoys mountain biking, skiing, traveling, reading about “everything,” and hosting friends and family. He shares his passion for life with his “better half,” Tori, whom he says keeps him “focused and humble while laughing a lot along the way.” William also has four sons who have grown to be quite a bit taller than him and are at various levels of early work pursuits and higher education.