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Wills Marcello
Wealth Advisor | Advisor Services

Wills Marcello, uniquely named after Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia where his father completed his Ophthalmology residency, heads up the Advisor Services team at Ashton Thomas Private Wealth and is an integral part of our Advanced Planning Team.

Prior to joining Ashton Thomas, Mr. Marcello streamlined, digitized, marketed and built out new markets for a regional property and casualty insurance firm in Arizona.  He was part of a private equity fund in Scottsdale where he built out a business incubator that included ventures in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, and Texas.  Wills also spent time in New York with a firm in the financial technology space where he worked on trading connectivity and reconciliation projects for global banking and exchanges including Goldman Sachs, NYSE, Barclays Capital, CME, Bank of America, UBS, and others.

Mr. Marcello graduated from the University of Arizona’s McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship from Eller College of Business. He enjoys designing, building, and innovating solutions using various media and practical applications.  Having traveled extensively throughout Australia, Central America, Europe, and elsewhere, he prefers backpacking since it provides a closer connection to the surrounding locale.  When he’s not working or traveling, he enjoys sport fishing, skiing, working outdoors, and hanging out with his French bulldog, Carlton.